Last week was the November meetup for the Melbourne AWS Programming and Tools meetup ( @simon normally attends this group, but wasn’t able to make it, so I set about organising of a large(ish) bunch of devs to go along.  The event was:  In particular:  

Serverless Web app with React, Lambda, DynamoDB using serverless framework

What can I really say about the night? It was just really great event –Julian Pittas is a great presenter and immensely knowledgeable (which is not surprising given his position as an instructor at A Cloud Guru 😉 ). More than that, he’s a really great guy, and it’s easy to learn with him at the front of the classroom. 

The event was sponsored by Contino – their offices are really nice. And while I did take a photo or 2 of the amazing sunset over Melbourne from level 36, they didn’t really turn out so well, so I’ve left them off there (however, if you ever get the chance, make sure you get up there).  Dinner was supplied ( pizza ) and so where drinks ( beers, cider and soft drink ) so everyone had energy ready to code.

The exercise was fun. It was really well setup – a few people I went with were literally so brand new to AWS that pre the meetup I spent time with them registering there AWS accounts and installing and setting up the AWS cli.  A few were even new to javascript.

So, what did we build?

In this workshop we will hit the ground running with this awesome simple to follow serverless app. Julian will take us through building our very own CRUD based serverless application using DynamoDB. In this workshop, you’ll get a taste for building serverless backends using the serverless framework and learn how to use the popular frontend framework, ReactJS, to interface your application.

This is stack that is becoming more and more common these days – React and Node with the additional flavour of serverless.

Serverless is described as:

The most widely-adopted toolkit for building serverless applications.

Here is a link: Before this workshop, I had not used this tool-kit (instead I have been using native CloudFormation or SAM –

After having a go, I was very impressed.  While clearly this is an AWS meetup I was pleased to see that Serverless also supports Azure and GCP.  Interestingly it also support Kuberneties, Openwisk and Cloudflare.

In the two hours (including stopping for dinner) we only just finished in time to have built the React front-end and Node serverless back-end which hooked into Dynamodb. 

I’m looking forward to the next meetup and catching up with the Contino team again soon.

Stay tuned to Dev(){CoP} as I am off to AWS re:Invent, in Las Vegas, next week. We’ll be sure to have some posts about that and other awesome technology coming out shortly!

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