So, I’ve arrived in Las Vegas for re:Invent 2018. What a long trip! After getting in yesterday (Sunday), I caught up with my best friend Andrei to plan out our week.  While Amazon says that you can officially register from 2pm at the airport, we discovered that we could actually register much earlier. However, despite this, the lines were long so we opted to drop off our gear at the hotel and then head to “The Aria” to register.

Firstly, a bit of advice for anyone planning on attending re:Invent – bring comfortable shoes! Just walking from the front of the casinos to the registrations lines is far.  Also, ensure you have uploaded your badge photo as this really makes the registration and attendance process quicker.  Your badge is your AWS week-long pass, and you have to keep it on (always) for entry and to get into the specific conference area.

A real highlight is the food. AWS always put on a great spread, and the food this time was no exception. I was in a rush, so grabbed for the cold packed lunch (but then returned after the session for a warm lunch of build-your-own soft tacos).

On the whole, the AWS have put on a pretty awesome start to the re:Invent conference. I’ll definitely post about some of the sessions that I’ve been to soon!

As a side note, a few recommendations for what Amazon could do to make the experience better: 

  • Charging stations – you literally have to be on the net all the time and our phones go flat. 
  • Better seating- It’s hard work finding spots on the hard floors. 
  • Better signage through some of the Casinos – it’s literally a maze. 
  • Building sessions – I’d guess 75% of people are turned away due to being at capacity.

A final piece of advice, prepare yourself for waiting, waiting and (you guessed it) more waiting.  I’m off to go wait in line for my next session!


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