Today, we were looking at the billing for one of the accounts for an app I work on at my job. When we looked at the cost break-down, we saw a regular monthly cost under EC2 for “EC2-Other”.

This was entirely confusing, and worrying, considering we didn’t have any EC2 instances or (as far as I could see) anything else provisioned that would cause a charge to our account.

What made this even more confusing was that the instance type was defined as “No Instance Type***”.

Working within the AWS Well Architected Framework, in my opinion, not only indicates a well-provisioned architecture, but also considers your spend for output.

Evil-Eye @paul looked over the bill, and was busting my chops to figure out where the cost was coming from. One of the devs mentioned that the cost was only about $1.30 per month, so shouldn’t really matter.

This is wrong. The purpose of on-demand (cloud) infrastructure, is that we should only pay for what we use, regardless of any trivial costs. We needed to find the cause.

I looked at the bill, which definitely showed an EC2 cost.

And then expanding that, I saw what the cause of this was –

I went into the EC2 dashboard in Sydney region and saw that there was an Elastic IP provisioned:

From here, I was able to just open up the dashboard for Elastic IPs, and click “Release Addresses”. The unused Elastic IP (and its pesky associated cost) was now gone.

Clearly this is a sandpit account, as we (should always) use CloudFormation to manage our AWS infrastructure. In either account, having pesky little costs like this that add no value are (or at least, should be) a thing of the past (think ancient on-prem over-provisioned systems). 

For more information about hidden AWS costs, check out some common ones over at this IT Portal Blog.


  1. An Elastic IP is of great value actually, if you need to have a production resource that has a static IP. Off course if you don’t need it, then by all means never use it.

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