Hi 👋 My names Victor! Last week Paul asked if I’d like to help out running DevCoP. My reply was of course, YES! As you’ll be seeing me a bit more, I thought I’d introduce myself and give a bit of backstory! Here we go.

As a kid growing up, my Dad was involved in mainframe software. As such, we were lucky enough to have a PC at home. I remember being magnetically drawn to it. I spent countless hours on the PC letting software and games spark my imagination.

Fast forward. The internet happened. We got a dial-up modem. Again, I was sucked into the world of websites (who at the time had webmasters), chat rooms and under-construction GIFs. Around 1997 I published my first HTML document, <blink> tags and all!

I always knew that my future would involve computers. The journey hasn’t been completely straight forward. I’ve taken some detours along the way, but I’ve always returned to programming.

Since moving to Melbourne 6 years ago I was overwhelmed by the developer community. Meetups running every day of the week covering every language and framework you can imagine. I went to many and encouraged my colleagues to come with me.

It wasn’t until January 2019 that I happened to find DevCoP. From my first attendance, I knew this Meetup was different. The format was excellent. The topics were always interesting and most importantly the people. These people shared a passion. A pursuit for clarity in an industry with overwhelming choice. All over a cup of morning coffee. I knew I found my people!

If you see me, come say hi! I’d love to hear your story. I can’t wait to get started giving back to the community that has been so generous to me!

– Victor

DevCoP January
Paul happened to capture my first DevCoP attendance! By the looks of it, I’m still getting used to the early start!

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